Ushering Jesus, The King of Glory in End Time

Reggie Lee’s vision and mission with burning passion is to bring the true Gospel of Jesus Christ  to reach out to the unsaved globally.  He has done with Who Are The Chinese Gospel documentary film to reach out to the  Chinese globally (Refer to which has seen been broadcast by media and  launched in many countries.

Also, he is passionate to bring revelation and awareness to Christian communities on the reality of End Time Revelation so that christians will be well prepared for the end times before the coming of Jesus Christ.

His upcoming projects for Year 2013 and beyond includes:

  • Establishing open dialysis centre in Penang, Malaysia
  • Launching “Who Are The Chinese” and “End Time Revelation”  in Indonesia, Australia,  USA, Taiwan and Uganda
  • Filming Production for new project

You, can have a part in this ministry by supporting the broadcast and sending the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. Partake with us in supporting this end-time harvest ministry.

Your gift of love can make a difference!  Help us bring the gospel of Jesus around the world.


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Who Are The Chinese



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