Ushering Jesus, The King of Glory in End Time

Thank you for your prayers and support of which I know we would not
survive the spiritual onslaught of the enemy. The challenges we faced
is like a script to a movie and we will insert all the challenges we
faced in ‘the making of’ the films. The challenges were as follows;

  1. May 7- Joseph our director was struck down with food poisoning
  2. May
    10- Some of our equipment was lost on transit from Istanbul to Izmir.
    Thank God it was sent to our hotel in Selcuk a few days later.
  3. May 10- The minibus
    driver who was to take us to the ferry in Bodrum was a bad temper man
    who could not find the ferry terminal decided to ditch us but God send
    help when a man appear it a motorcycle to guide us to the terminal, The
    terminal was delayed for 20
    minutes for us!  If we miss the ferry we will miss filming in Patmos as
    the ferry from Kos to Patmos is connected to the one from Bodrum to
    Kos. God is awesome.
  4. May 10 to 17- At all
    destinations in Turkey we were harassed by people at the sites from
    filming. The spiritual oppression in Turkey is heavy so we faced many
    challenges but God saw us through all of them and we were able to get
    all the shots needed for our film.
  5. May 17 to 25- 
    Filming in Israel take a different turn as in the Holy land God bring us
    peace, favour and easy access to all the sites. We had an excellent
    tour guide in Jeremy and we were able to film with peace even at the
    Israeli Supreme court we were able to film freely. The shalom of God was
    upon us.
I do not know how we could make it without your prayers, work and finance support. I give thanks to God for sending you to me.
Gratefully yours,

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