Ushering Jesus, The King of Glory in End Time

I just flew back to UK to prepare the ground work for filming The Replacement Theology and Revelation. Please find the following updates;

1) Funds- An estimated RM306,194 was raised for the projects
2) We are in the 3rd phase of project planning the logistics of filming.
3) Joseph and Calvin will begin planning the shoots in the various places
4) Joseph and Calvin to fly to London on Apr 23 – the first stage of filming.
5) The rest of the crew will fly in on April 30

At this stage of our labour for the Lord we asked for your unceasing prayers that all will go well. I am beginning to feel the ‘heat’ of the work as this moment but I will draw my strength from the Lord. There is in sufficient fund for us to use at this point and I have to ask for free accommodation while the team is in UK to cut cost. Instead of hiring a tour to handle the travels in Turkey, I am hiring a van to shuttle the team to all the locations. This is rather dangerous as I am unfamiliar with left hand drive.

Film making is a costly venture. In the secular, funds are raised by getting a financier or via bank loans. Since Christian film making is rather new, it is rather difficult to raise fund. What I am doing is called ‘crowd financing’ a film making term for people who raise fund through the community. I am making a film for the Christian community world wide and I believe if you sow into this work, you are sowing on good grounds. The potential to reach the unsaved is limitless through the multimedia. I took the challenge and risk to serve God through my gifting in this area. I ask for just 500 good men and women to sow RM1000 into these projects that we can have sufficient fund to move in the multimedia sphere. please help circulate this email.

Thank you,
Reggie Lee
Pot Bless Productions

Bank : CIMB
Acc name: Lee Chaw Chye
Account no: 1570 5473 8288


Estimated expenditure for projects
Equipment- RM74000
Salary for filming crew- RM47,000
Air Ticket- RM52,000
Train & ferry ticket- RM4400
Accommodations (France , Germany , Turkey and Patmos) – RM16600
Car rental- RM5000
Israel- RM67,000
Est. meals during filming- RM120 x7.5 persons x 30 days= RM27,000
miscellaneous- RM10,000

Recently, national geographics came up with a documentary entitled, The Bible Uncovered- The secrets of Revelation and Hollywood produced Noah. The enemy knew that a revival is coming to the whole world and this are direct attack to confuse the world and it is sad the world are making Christian films on our behalf which are full of errors. So let us support a work that can at least challenge them.

John was presumed to be schizophrenic.
The documentary is part truth featuring Tm La Hale and other prominent preachers to add credential.
The end of the film suggested that Revelation will not happen accordingly using a preacher to wrongly assume that none of it will take place.

Glaring errors in the Noah movie

1. Noah wasn’t distant from God. In Aronofsky’s film, Noah (played by Russell Crowe) is a tortured soul who senses through a dream that the mysterious “Creator” (He is never called God) plans to destroy the world with a flood. But in Genesis 6-8, much of the account involves direct communication from God to Noah (see 6:13; 7:1; 8:15). Noah was God’s close friend, and he understood Him.

2. Noah didn’t drink hallucinogenic tea to hear God’s directions. In the film, Noah visits his grandfather, Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins), who helps him understand that a global catastrophe is coming. Genesis 6 says God revealed this plan directly to Noah, yet in Aronofsky’s version, Methuselah serves Noah some dark tea (or was it coffee?) to help him hear the Creator’s voice. Nobody in the Bible—ever—had to take a drug or a potion to hear from God, and Noah certainly never visited a shaman.

3. Noah’s sons weren’t without wives on the ark. In Aronofsky’s fanciful version, only one of Noah’s sons, Shem, has a wife (played by Emma Watson)—and she ends up pregnant with twin girls who, we assume, will eventually become wives for Noah’s other two sons. Huh? In the Genesis account, God tells Noah: “You shall enter the ark—you and your sons and your wife, and your sons’ wives with you” (Gen. 6:18).

4. There were no stowaways on the ark. Aronofsky adds preposterous drama to Noah by having the evil warlord Tubal-Cain (Ray Winstone) sneak on board the ark and hide in the shadows near sleeping bears and goats. He then attempts to kill Noah with the help of Noah’s son Ham—who is angry that his dad didn’t arrange to find him a wife before the rain started.

5. Noah didn’t get help from giant rock creatures when he built the ark. Aronofsky borrowed this weird concept from ancient Jewish mystics who suggested that the angels God cast out of heaven after creation were encased in rock and walked around helping human beings. In Noah, the giants, called “watchers,” chop down the wood for the massive ark and defend it from an invading army. All this made for some great digital effects, but the Bible says God cast these disobedient angels into hell (2 Pet. 2:4), not to earth, and they certainly weren’t sent here to help mankind.

6. Noah was not a deranged killer bent on stopping his family from reproducing. The second half of Noah was the worst part. After the flood begins, the man God uses to save all animals and humans from destruction decides God doesn’t want the human race to survive. He becomes a psychopath and threatens to kill his daughter-in-law’s child when she gives birth! The biblical Noah would never have tried to prevent repopulation. Noah understood he and his family had been commissioned to replenish the earth (Gen. 9:1).

7. The descendants of Adam did not treat the skin of a serpent as a family heirloom. Noah gets downright creepy whenever a character pulls out this snakeskin talisman. These scenes prove that Aronofsky based his film not so much on the biblical account of the flood but on gnostic writings. Centuries ago, some Jewish mystics taught that the God of Genesis was really a loser and that Satan was a better god. The subtle implication is that Noah needed Satan’s help, not God’s.

At the end of the flood story in Genesis, Noah gathers his family around the altar for worship, and they enter into a covenant with Him. But in the movie, just before the rainbow appears, Noah wraps the snakeskin around his arm and blesses his family with it. In a similar way, this film is wrapped in a serpent’s skin—and that’s why I will be more cautious next time when a Hollywood studio tries to get Christians to buy tickets to their “biblical” blockbuster.

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